Information for Agents

Why Suggest an Attorney Consultation with Adams Morris & Sessing?

  • The attorneys at Adams, Morris & Sessing are always available to speak with your clients, either pre-listing or post-listing.
  • We are a full-service one stop law firm
  • We are here to answer your client’s questions and keep the deal moving forward.
  • We have been working on short sales since 2008 and have completed 1000’s of successful negotiations in partnership with hundreds Real Estate Professionals.
  • We are the preferred short sale law firm for the majority of title companies in DC, MD and VA.
  • Our attorneys have excellent reputations in our respective areas of practice.
  • If a homeowner is facing foreclosure we are in a position to help them if a short sale is not the right solution.

We Do the Short and let you focus on the Sale

The Attorneys at Adams, Morris and Sessing ensure that Real Estate professionals work smarter by allowing you to focusing on the “sale” and not the not the “short” portion of the process. Our attorneys handle everything to make the process easier on everyone involved. Spending less time each transaction means more closings for you.

  • Document Collection
    We make sure that all parties have the correct lender-specific documents required for the transaction. We handle all follow up requests for missing documents or correction requests directly with the homeowner. We keep the parties informed of what is still needed throughout the process.
  • Title Review
    The Attorneys at Adams, Morris and Sessing research all judgments on title, determine points of contact, and formalize a settlement strategy for the file. If the homeowner has additional judgments or liens against them, we incorporate them into the short sale negotiations to ensure that title is clear for closing once the short sale is approved.
  • Attorney Assignment
    An Attorney with Adams, Morris & Sessing will be the single point of contact through the entire process. We work closely with the title company to ensure the settlement statement is prepared correctly and submit all documents to the short sale lender. All documents are reviewed for completeness and accuracy before they are submitted. We provide all parties with weekly updates and notify the parties if there are time sensitive requests.
  • Lender Processing & Negotiations
    The Attorneys at Adams, Morris and Sessing keep the file moving toward approval at all times with a mutual goal of closing as quickly as possible. We have worked with almost every lender, understand exactly how they work, and get them what they need before they even ask. Staying on top of every file each week is time consuming, but a necessary part of a successful negotiation.
  • Approval Letter Deficiency Review
    Once the approval letter has been issued, an Attorney with Adams, Morris and Sessing will immediately review and then discuss the specifics of their settlement terms with the homeowner.
  • Closing Process
    An attorney with Adams, Morris & Sessing will continue to work with the selected Title Company, lenders and lienholders through closing, getting the file ready for final approval and closing. We also obtain all approval letter extensions and foreclosure sale date postponements when needed.

We understand the importance of getting the deal closed and we want to work with you. Please contact us today to see how we can help grow your business.